Eagle Environmental

President's Letter

I realize that customers have the opportunity to choose companies with whom they will do business and that the choice is often based upon the customer’s confidence. A choice to hire Eagle Environmental®, Inc. will be based on a belief that we are competent and possess integrity at every touch point. I am convinced that we can earn your trust in our abilities. Let me share with you why I feel that you can have confidence in us.

Eagle Environmental, Inc. has transcended industry practices by implementing an employee wage incentive program for various credentials and positive attributes which employees bring to the company. This wage incentive program has introduced a new level of commitment and desire among our employees, which translates into our being able to provide the finest quality, compliance, safety and customer satisfaction. The Eagle Environmental culture we have created means that each time a project is undertaken, every person on the project has a vested interest in the success and timely completion of the project.

Eagle Environmental, Inc. has also invested in the best equipment and facilities possible. We employ a competent staff of support professionals in order to make the on-site work move as smoothly as possible. We are committed to ensure the flow of complicated close-out reports and documents that must be submitted to the owner in a timely fashion.

In closing, Eagle Environmental, Inc. has the most professional and highest paid employees in the industry. We have the greatest commitment to the success of every project. The same meticulous attention to detail is paid to every project, from jobs worth several hundred dollars to jobs worth several million dollars. We enjoy being the industry leader and are always looking for opportunities to serve our clients. We thank you for your time in reviewing our qualifications and hope to be able to serve you in the future.

Fred A. Johnson
Founder and President